A Letter To Students

Dear Students,

Heading off to university or college for the first time can be overwhelming, to say the least.  Whether you’re moving into residence or staying at home, it’s a big transition from high school.  It’s a time of excitement, nerves, anticipation, nostalgia and new beginnings!  Even after first year, there are some huge milestones.  Maybe you’re moving out for the first time, getting your first apartment with friends or taking on a new academic challenge…

At iamsick, we are a team of recent graduates (and a few students!) so, trust us, we know the feeling.  We thought it would be nice to share with you some of the nuggets of wisdom that we picked up in our early years of school.


Ryan, Ph.D – Medical Biophysics

Experienced in: all-nighters

Academia is a safe place for you to discover, explore and pursue your passions.
Worry less about grades, and more about the experiences and memories that will become the foundation of your ambitions.
Audit courses that interest you, join clubs, and pursue leadership roles.
Remember that the best way to learn is by doing, and it’s never too late to pivot and change.


Erin, B.Comm – Management

Experienced in: heavy textbooks

Whenever you can, get the e-book version of your textbooks.  It’s nice to have a hard copy, but sometimes it’s just not worth it to lug that weight around.  And get a good backpack.  Your spine will thank you.


Da, MSc – Molecular Genetics

Experienced in: making time for reading for pleasure

Read The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal.  It’s all about how the majority of things we don’t get done is due to a lack of willpower.


Crystal, Master of Health Informatics

Experienced in: living with roommates

If you’re going to have roommates in residence (or after), make sure you sit down and discuss some ground rules.  Set boundaries and, most importantly, set up a cleaning schedule!


Rebecca, HBSc – Computer Science

Experienced in: savvy grocery shopping & commuting from off-campus

If you commute, ask around about good places to nap or rest.  Even if you sleep enough, if you’re hours away from home and have a headache, you’ll be glad someone pointed out those quiet places.

When you move into your own place, prioritize groceries.  This may seem obvious, but it’s really easy to forget until you’re starving and only have noodles you stole from your parents and the same sad-looking apple they gave you at Frosh.


Francis, BASc – Computer Engineering

Experienced in: extracurriculars

Don’t stress too much over the schoolwork.  It isn’t the most meaningful part of your school experience.  Have fun.

As back-to-school approaches, don’t forget to add iamsick.ca to your school-prep check list!  Wherever you’re headed, iamsick.ca can show you your healthcare options after-hours or in the language of your choice.  When the campus clinic is closed, you can find the nearest emergency room, walk-in clinic, diagnostic lab or pharmacy.  We’ve even created shortcuts for many of the university and college campuses across Ontario:

Ontario Universities (A-Z)

Algoma University – algomau.iamsick.ca
Brock University – brocku.iamsick.ca
Carleton University – carletonu.iamsick.ca
Guelph University – uoguelph.iamsick.ca
Lakehead University – lakeheadu.iamsick.ca
Laurentian University – laurentian.iamsick.ca
McMaster University – mcmaster.iamsick.ca
OCAD University – ocad.iamsick.ca
Queen’s University – queensu.iamsick.ca
Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) – rmcc.iamsick.ca
Ryerson University – ryerson.iamsick.ca
Trent University – trentu.iamsick.ca
University de Hearst – uhearst.iamsick.ca
University of Ontario Institute of Technology – uoit.iamsick.ca
University of Ottawa – uottawa.iamsick.ca
University of Ottawa – St Paul University – ustpaul.iamsick.ca
University of Toronto Mississauga – utm.iamsick.ca
University of Toronto Scarborough – utsc.iamsick.ca
University of Toronto St. George – uoft.iamsick.ca
University of Waterloo – uwaterloo.iamsick.ca
University of Windsor – uwindsor.iamsick.ca
Western University – uwo.iamsick.ca
Wilfred Laurier University – wlu.iamsick.ca
York University – yorku.iamsick.ca

Ontario Colleges (A-Z) 

Algonquin College – algonquin-ottawa.iamsick.ca
Ontario Agricultural College – uoguelph-alfred.iamsick.ca
Conestoga College – conestoga-doon.iamsick.ca
Durham College – durhamcollege.iamsick.ca
Fanshawe College – fanshawe-london.iamsick.ca
George Brown College – georgebrown.iamsick.ca
Michener Institute – michener.iamsick.ca
Mohawk College – mohawkcollege.iamsick.ca
Seneca College – senecacollege.iamsick.ca
Sheridan College – sheridancollege.iamsick.ca

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We know it’s not the same as having Mom nearby, but it’s the next best thing.  Wishing you the best of luck in the upcoming school year.


The iamsick.ca Team