What ACTUALLY Goes Down During Frosh


It’s that time of the year again where Frosh Week is upon us.  Is Frosh Week like what you see in movies?  What REALLY goes down during Frosh?

Here is a list of what you happens on University & College campuses during Frosh:

1. Expect to meet two groups of people:

1) The enthusiasts


 2) The “I ain’t about that life” people


The first group often attend all the frosh activities from 8am until 12am, then head to parties afterwards. The second group tend to participate less active during frosh and prefer to get to know the people and explore the campus on their own.

2. LOTS of ice breakers that don’t break the ice.


You’ll be asked about your major, favourite food/colour/ice cream/movie etc at any group activity you do. There might be some awkward silence that follows, but people start to warm up on their own soon after. Don’t be afraid to just strike a conversation, because everyone is just as eager to make friends as you.


3. LOTS of parties.


From frosh week until the first weeks of classes, you’ll probably be invited to various types of parties with a bunch of different people. Don’t feel pressured to attend all of them; frosh week is a time to make friends and enjoy yourself, so have fun!


4. A bunch of new contacts that you don’t remember and won’t call again.


Chances are, you won’t see 75% of the people you’ve spoken to during frosh again, but those 25% will become some of your best buddies.

5. Meeting people who will become your life long friends, and potentially partner.


Even if you didn’t make any lasting friendships during Frosh, don’t worry! You’re not alone! Frosh can be overwhelming for some and can be tiring to meet so many new faces each day. Making friends doesn’t stop with Frosh, but it continues in your classes and the clubs you decide to join. Be open to the experience, and have fun! 🙂

Whoever you are, and whatever you do, Frosh is the first taste of freedom for most freshmen, where you’re away from parents and can do whatever you want. It’s great to celebrate the freedom, but being inebriated is not a good look. Don’t know where the nearest after-hour clinic, pharmacy or ER is? Use iamsick.ca to find this information. Have fun and party smart!