Job Posting: Business Development Representative

Business Development Representative is a social enterprise with a laser focus on simplifying access to healthcare by helping Canadians find fast, easy, and appropriate care. Our website and mobile app allow patients to find nearby healthcare providers, book appointments online, see wait times from the comfort of their homes, and avoid long waits with our virtual waiting room.  Healthcare providers also benefit from our platform, because we help them deliver care more efficiently.  As we prepare for our next stage of growth, we are looking for a business development representative to join our team.  If you think you’d be a good fit, we’d love to hear from you!

In a nutshell, we are looking for an outgoing individual with some experience in sales & marketing who thrives in a startup environment.  You will help us spread the good word about to healthcare providers.  You should be outcomes-oriented, and will be managing – and generally crushing – the sales pipeline.  You are a go-getter who takes pride in your work and won’t settle for anything less than excellence.  You relentlessly ensure the highest level of quality sales and service for our clients.

Here’s what you’ll be doing

  • Spread the good word about iamsick.cato potential & existing clients
  • Initiate, close and manage business opportunities to meet sales quotas and revenue targets
  • Rapidly act on new business opportunities
  • Ensure our clients receive the highest level of sales and service
  • Handle inbound and outbound sales
  • Maintain an organized system of leads and responsibilities (CRM experience preferred)
  • Analyze sales and metrics to refine your strategy and maximize revenue
  • Build strong relationships with small, medium, and large organizations
  • Create sales presentations, material and case studies
  • Uncover personas for health providers and patients so we can continually improve access and integration of health services for all Canadians
  • Keep a finger on the pulse of new client and user needs

Here’s what you’ll need

  • University Degree or College Diploma from an accredited institution
  • 1-3 years of sales, marketing, or telemarketing experience (SaaS preferred)
  • Experience in healthcare or healthcare IT would be an asset
  • Impeccable communication skills
  • A positive, energetic, self-motivated, and results-oriented attitude
  • Strengths in negotiation and skilled in overcoming objections
  • Ability to thrive under pressure and adapt to change
  • Amazing organizational skills
  • Experience making cold calls
  • Willingness to learn new things and explore new ideas
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and CRM software

Here’s what we offer you

  • Competitive salary with large commissions and benefits
  • You will be a part of a team striving to make a positive impact in Canadian healthcare
  • You will work on interesting projects and face exciting challenges
  • You will be a part of a small, highly motivated team that is already gaining traction
  • You will have the opportunity to build and grow your skills
  • A fun work environment with internal hackathons and team building
  • We value the perspectives of all team members.  Your opinions will help guide our products and processes
  • Our home base is conveniently located in downtown Toronto within a 30-second walk from the Queen’s Park TTC subway station

Please submit your application by September 16 to careers[at]

Healthcare Innovation in Canada: 2015 Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation Report

The Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation was created in 2014 to identify areas of growth in Canadian health innovation. Formed by the Canadian Minister of Health, the panel was tasked to:

  1. Identify the five most promising areas of innovation in Canada and internationally that have the potential to sustainably reduce growth in health spending while leading to improvements in the quality and accessibility of care.
  2. Recommend the five ways the federal government could support innovation in the areas identified above.

This year, the panel, led by chair Dr. David Naylor, published Unleashing Innovation: Excellent Healthcare for Canada. The panel reached out to Canadians and industry representatives, and conducted extensive research in order to best understand the current Canadian healthcare innovation landscape. In the report, the panel identified five critical areas in Canadian healthcare innovation:

  • patient engagement and empowerment
  • health systems integration with workforce modernization
  • technological transformation via digital health and precision medicine
  • better value from procurement, reimbursement and regulation
  • industry as an economic driver and innovation catalyst.

More importantly, the report recommended a new model for encouraging health innovation. Such a model encompasses a wide-angled view of healthcare innovation, rather than a series of small, quick-fixes that do not speak to the overall healthcare innovation landscape. The panel specified two enabling actions:

1. Creating a the Healthcare Innovation Agency of Canada (HIAC)

Should the agency be created, the HIAC will be an arms-length organization supported by the Healthcare Innovation Fund. The agency will support national collaboration across pan-Canadian organizations. In particular,  the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, and the Canada Health Infoway will be included in HIAC.

2. Establishing the Healthcare Innovation Fund

The Healthcare Innovation Fund’s general goals are to “support high-impact initiatives proposed by governments and stakeholders; break down structural barriers to change; and accelerate the spread and scale-up of promising innovations”. Rather than a formulaic allocation of funds, the Healthcare Innovation Fund will be allocated based on transparent specifications, measurable healthcare outcomes, and economic and social value. is pleased to see the efforts being made to promote and encourage healthcare innovation in Canada. Improving healthcare outcomes and fostering innovation is at the core of’s work. In particular, we are encouraged to see the spirit of collaboration and partnership embodied throughout the report. We look forward to seeing new developments and measurable changes as the federal government moves forward with these recommendations.


Report of the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation, Government of Canada (2015)
Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation, Health Canada
HealthCareCAN talks to Dr. David Naylor, Chair of the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation, HealthCareCAN (2015)

A Letter To Students

Dear Students,

Heading off to university or college for the first time can be overwhelming, to say the least.  Whether you’re moving into residence or staying at home, it’s a big transition from high school.  It’s a time of excitement, nerves, anticipation, nostalgia and new beginnings!  Even after first year, there are some huge milestones.  Maybe you’re moving out for the first time, getting your first apartment with friends or taking on a new academic challenge…

At iamsick, we are a team of recent graduates (and a few students!) so, trust us, we know the feeling.  We thought it would be nice to share with you some of the nuggets of wisdom that we picked up in our early years of school.


Ryan, Ph.D – Medical Biophysics

Experienced in: all-nighters

Academia is a safe place for you to discover, explore and pursue your passions.
Worry less about grades, and more about the experiences and memories that will become the foundation of your ambitions.
Audit courses that interest you, join clubs, and pursue leadership roles.
Remember that the best way to learn is by doing, and it’s never too late to pivot and change.


Erin, B.Comm – Management

Experienced in: heavy textbooks

Whenever you can, get the e-book version of your textbooks.  It’s nice to have a hard copy, but sometimes it’s just not worth it to lug that weight around.  And get a good backpack.  Your spine will thank you.


Da, MSc – Molecular Genetics

Experienced in: making time for reading for pleasure

Read The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal.  It’s all about how the majority of things we don’t get done is due to a lack of willpower.


Crystal, Master of Health Informatics

Experienced in: living with roommates

If you’re going to have roommates in residence (or after), make sure you sit down and discuss some ground rules.  Set boundaries and, most importantly, set up a cleaning schedule!


Rebecca, HBSc – Computer Science

Experienced in: savvy grocery shopping & commuting from off-campus

If you commute, ask around about good places to nap or rest.  Even if you sleep enough, if you’re hours away from home and have a headache, you’ll be glad someone pointed out those quiet places.

When you move into your own place, prioritize groceries.  This may seem obvious, but it’s really easy to forget until you’re starving and only have noodles you stole from your parents and the same sad-looking apple they gave you at Frosh.


Francis, BASc – Computer Engineering

Experienced in: extracurriculars

Don’t stress too much over the schoolwork.  It isn’t the most meaningful part of your school experience.  Have fun.

As back-to-school approaches, don’t forget to add to your school-prep check list!  Wherever you’re headed, can show you your healthcare options after-hours or in the language of your choice.  When the campus clinic is closed, you can find the nearest emergency room, walk-in clinic, diagnostic lab or pharmacy.  We’ve even created shortcuts for many of the university and college campuses across Ontario:

Ontario Universities (A-Z)

Algoma University –
Brock University –
Carleton University –
Guelph University –
Lakehead University –
Laurentian University –
McMaster University –
OCAD University –
Queen’s University –
Royal Military College of Canada (RMCC) –
Ryerson University –
Trent University –
University de Hearst –
University of Ontario Institute of Technology –
University of Ottawa –
University of Ottawa – St Paul University –
University of Toronto Mississauga –
University of Toronto Scarborough –
University of Toronto St. George –
University of Waterloo –
University of Windsor –
Western University –
Wilfred Laurier University –
York University –

Ontario Colleges (A-Z) 

Algonquin College –
Ontario Agricultural College –
Conestoga College –
Durham College –
Fanshawe College –
George Brown College –
Michener Institute –
Mohawk College –
Seneca College –
Sheridan College –

Visit us at or download our free app, available on Blackberry, iPhone and Android.  Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @iamsick_ca to keep up with our newest features!

We know it’s not the same as having Mom nearby, but it’s the next best thing.  Wishing you the best of luck in the upcoming school year.


The Team

The Value of e-Booking: Study

No-shows, or missed appointments, are a costly and unfortunate reality for many healthcare providers in Canada.  In 2014, 90% of surveyed Canadians expressed a desire for online appointment booking, yet only 7% of Canadian family physicians offered it.  This falls far below the 66% of Swedish physicians and 30% of American physicians who offer online appointment requests (2012).


The Study

The Canada Health Infoway 2012-2013 study investigated the impact of e-booking at six private medical practices in Canada over a two-year period.  The objectives of the study were to:

  1. Measure adoption
  2. Evaluate patient perceptions
  3. Assess the effect on number of no-shows

The Results

  1. The number of online bookings increased by 32%.  The number of users/registrants also increased.
  2. Patients perceived three major benefits: scheduling flexibility, time savings, and automated reminders.
  3. The e-booking system’s automated appointment reminders (via telephone, e-mail or text message) proved to reduce the number of no-shows experienced by each clinic.

Interesting Findings

The study found that an overwhelming majority used the online appointment booking system to book appointments for themselves rather than for a relative.

“Our results show that e-booking systems seem to represent a win-win solution for patients and physicians.”

e-Booking in 2015

In 2015, still fewer than 10% of Canadians can book family physician appointments online.  This number can be improved.

Canada Health Infoway ran an e-Booking Initiative in 2014 to encourage broader use of this digital health solution.  e-Booking offers many potential benefits, including:

  • time savings
  • cost savings
  • improved productivity
  • reduced no-shows
  • improved healthcare access
  • improved patient satisfaction
  • improved staff satisfaction

For more information on the benefits of e-booking and Infoway’s work in promoting the tool across Canada, take a look at our previous blog post.’s e-Booking Platform

Canadians are ready for a change, and we’re here to help.‘s e-booking platform was designed to integrate with clinic workflows and software.  With complete EMR-integration, appointments booked online can effortlessly appear in your scheduler.  Reduce no-shows, time spent managing phone-calls and improve clinic efficiency with valuable analytics.


If you’re interested in offering e-booking in your clinic or pharmacy, contact us at for more information.

Original Paper: Adoption, Use, and Impact of E-Booking in Private Medical Practices: Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Two-Year Showcase Project in Canada

Authors: Guy Paré, PhD; Marie-Claude Trudel, PhD; Pascal Forget, PhD

Additional Sources: Patient e-booking: Practice perspectives on the benefits, challenges and lessons learned by Canada Health Infoway 2015

What is the Posture Performance Shirt? – Q&A with the CEO of AdrenalEase

If you’ve been following us on social media, you may have seen that the team has teamed up with AdrenalEase to give away a Posture Performance Shirt to one lucky winner in our summer giveaway.  Ahead of his appearance at the CanFitPro World Fitness Expo this weekend, we sat down with Nourredin Chahrour, founder and CEO of AdrenalEase Inc., to bring you some more details on their unique Posture Performance Shirt.

Q: What is the Posture Performance Shirt?

A: The Posture Performance Shirt is a global patent-pending garment that reduces stress off certain muscles like the neck and shoulder muscles that may be overly stressed due to prolonged static, undesired posture.

Q: What makes the Posture Performance Shirt different than other posture-correcting apparel on the market?

A: What differentiates the Posture Performance Shirt from other posture shirts or posture braces in the market is the adjustability of the elastic reflex bands on the shirt. You can set the tension of the bands per your comfort to provide a gentle stretch to your neck and shoulder muscles, therefore relieving pain and stress.

Q: How does it work?

A: The Posture Performance Shirt provides proprioceptive feedback to the user, which reminds them to retract their shoulders in the upright posture with the help of the elastic reflex bands that provide muscle memory for when the bands are not strapped on.women-black-back

Q: Your brand ambassadors are Team Canada Olympians.  How do they use the Posture Performance Shirt?

A: Paul Poirier and Piper Gilles represent Canada on world stage competitions including the Olympics and they use the Posture Performance Shirt when executing a lift or simply maintaining proper posture when skating.

Q: You have a new production line coming out in August.  What can we look forward to?

A:  The new production line is out and it includes a V-neck and we have released a new color which is white. We will also be expanding into new products which include Posture Sports Bras, tank tops, sleeveless and long sleeve shirts.Adrenalease Giveaway 1 (Twitter)

Could your posture use some improvement?  It’s not too late to enter to win your own Posture Performance Shirt. Click here to enter.

Hurry! The giveaway closes on August 17th at 11:59 PM (EDT).

Tell us what you do to maintain good posture on Twitter with the #iamfit and #BeTheGreatest hashtags.  We will retweet some of our favourites on our own account @iamsick_ca.

Accessibility Innovation Showcase 2015 will be attending the Ontario Accessibility Innovation Showcase 2015 in MaRS this weekend, hosted by the Government of Ontario.  Held in time for the Para Pan Am Games, the event will showcase accessible technology and devices created by Ontario companies.

There are many activities planned for the weekend, including a hackathon and walking tours. will be demoing our website & apps on the exhibition floor. Our co-founder and president, Ryan, will also be pitching at the Tech Pitch competition.

Accessibility &

Our goal is to offer a healthcare wayfinding & e-booking platform that helps all Canadians access healthcare, tearing down the barriers that a Canadian patient or caregiver may face.

The platform already addresses a number of barriers, and we have more solutions in the works.

So far, the platform addresses:

  • Access to Knowledge & Information
  • Timely Access to Healthcare Services
  • Language Barriers
  • Mobility Barriers

Our platform was also designed with insights gained from user experience design & healthcare literacy experts.

Want to learn more?  Check out our entry video below:


The Showcase is free and open to the public.  Stop by our booth to check out our recent developments.  We look forward to seeing you there! & Adrenalease Posture Performance Shirt Giveaway

It’s the middle of summer. The sun is high in the sky, you are out and about… and is spicing things up with a summer giveway!

Our friends at Adrenalease have teamed up with us for a Posture Performance Shirt giveaway.

The Posture Performance Shirt was created to help wearers improve their posture and performance. It has been designed to relieve stress off certain muscles groups by keeping the wearer in an upright position. The adjustable elastic straps help wearers passively stretch without the risk of weakening their muscles.

If you have ever felt strain on your back while sitting, or just want to improve your posture, this shirt is for you. Don’t take our word for it – even Olympians are using the shirt to help them train!

What are you waiting for? Click here to enter: & Adreanalease Posture Performance Shirt Giveaway.

We would love to hear about what you do to improve your posture. Share it on Twitter with the #BeTheGreatest hashtag, and we will retweet our favourites on @iamsick_ca.

Good luck!

Giveaway closes at 11:59 PM (EDT) on August 17, 2015.  Only open to residents of Canada, excluding Quebec. Terms & Conditions can be found on the contest widget.