#HCSMCA Crowdfunding in Healthcare

Crowdfunding healthcare innovation

On June 11, iamsick.ca co-founder Ryan Doherty (@ryansdoherty / @iamsick_ca) will host a #hcsmca chat to discuss how crowdfunding can play a role in healthcare innovation.

What is #hcsmca?

  • #hcsmca is a community passionate about healthcare social innovations
  • hcsmca holds weekly tweet chats on Wednesdays at 1PM ET
  • anyone and everyone can join in the chat


A tweet chat about crowdfunding healthcare innovation? 

  • iamsick.ca aims to create awareness of the value that crowdfunding brings to healthcare innovation, hackathon teams, and healthcare startups


iamsick.ca’s crowdfunding campaign ( from our May 7th blog post on crowdfunding )

We normally think of crowdfunding to support a large scope of activities such as disaster relief, startup fundraising, film/music production, prototype development, or app development.  For iamsick.ca, our crowdfunding campaign is an opportunity to raise funds to cover the cost of expanding our free Ontario-wide healthcare wayfinding app to every corner of Canada.  However, it isn’t just about raising funds, we are also giving Canadians a voice.  Everyone who supports our campaign will receive a vote to decide “where next?” We are hoping to bring together Canadians passionate about improving healthcare to create a movement that will lead to more accessible and efficient healthcare for everyone.

iamsick.ca crowdfunding

Crowdfunding = Community Engagement 

  • crowdfunding is more than just a fundraising tool
  • crowdfunding allows healthcare innovators to engage the public (patients, physicians, organizations)
  • through our vote initiative, we give Canadians an opportunity to be involved in iamsick.ca’s growth (a vote to decide which province next)
  • crowdfunding can create an opportunity to give supporters a behind-the-scenes peek at healthcare app development
  • crowdfunding can create conversations and shine a spotlight on opportunities that organizations & policy makers may otherwise not notice



For the #hcsmca chat on June 11, 2014 at 1pm EST, we will discuss the following topics that explore crowdfunding to innovate healthcare:

T1: What is crowdfunding, and how is it different from traditional fundraising?

T2: Does crowdfunding help advance healthcare IT and innovation?  If so, how?

T3: What role does the social web and / or network engagement play in crowdfunding?



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