Crowdfunding – Engaging the Community for Growth

What is crowdfunding?


We normally think of crowdfunding to support a large scope of activities such as disaster relief, startup fundraising, film/music production, prototype development, or app development. For, our crowdfunding campaign is an opportunity to raise funds to cover the cost of expanding our free Ontario-wide healthcare locator app to every corner of Canada. However, it isn’t just about raising funds, we are also giving Canadians a voice. Everyone who supports our campaign will receive a vote to decide “where next?” We are hoping to bring together Canadians passionate about improving healthcare to create a movement that will lead to more accessible and efficient healthcare for everyone.

What is reward crowdfunding?

crowdfunding-1 is an organization with a cause. We are passionate about bringing first-class healthcare to all Canadians. But to get your donation, we know we should provide something, let’s say a little more immediate, in return. That’s why we have chosen the reward crowdfunding campaign, because we want to acknowledge the support we receive with creative perks.

Everyone who pledges as little as $1 will get a vote to decide which province we expand to next. With $25, contributors can choose between receiving a set of Get Well cards or Canadiana cards designed by local artists especially for this campaign. Donate $35 and receive a custom t-shirt. With $60, we will send you a cure-the-cold care package, which include an all-natural soup made especially for our campaign.



Custom Get Well & Canadiana card samples.

What are stretch goals?

These are goals set by campaign organizers that goal beyond the initial, official goal to raise more money to improve goods or services. In our campaign, the official goal is to raise $9,000 to expand the app to a second province in July. Our first stretch goal is to raise $20,000 to expand the service to two other provinces. Our ultimate goal is to raise $90,000 so we can grow Canada-wide by September.

stretch goal

Timeline of our crowdfunding campaign.

How you can help.

You want to help? Great! The easiest way you can help us create a better future for Canadian healthcare is by pledging. Every dollar can and will make a difference!

You can find out more about our campaign and how to support us by clicking this link:

Word of mouth is the best way to get people involved. Aside from pledging, you can also share our campaign with friends, family, coworkers and help spread the word about our campaign. Lastly, it would also help if you download our free app onto your smartphone, visit the website and give feedback. We would love to hear about how we can improve the service to better serve you.

You can make an huge impact with just a click of a button. Let today be the day we revolutionize Canadian healthcare!

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